The Microwave Modules

The Movement Sensor (Patented) proved to have quite a few applications in a variety of electronic products and it was obvious that by expanding the concept of low cost microwave devices the applications would be increased. I decided to offer these in modular form which would require a plastic injection moulding die to be designed and manufactured to house the sensitive circuitry. The most useful module types were as follows :

(1)  A Microwave Transmitter to transmit Data and Voice
(2) A Microwave Receiver to receive the transmitted signals
(3) A Movement detecting module to detect human and vehicle movement and their radial velocity     
(4) A Microwave source to create a standing wave field for local positioning and location requirements

All would operate in the 2450-megahertz ISM band which did not require a licence to be obtained.

The Modules were advertised in Engineering, Trade and Hobbyist Magazines and many Kits of the 4 Modules were sold. One Company contacted us and advised that they had a new “Laser Games” product and modules 1 & 2 would be perfect for including in each pack they made. The Laser Games product became a huge success and was set up in many cities around Australia, America, the U.K., Europe and Asia etc. This meant that the Modules were exported to many countries worldwide.

A long range model was requested by a Company designing a new Bird Scarer product for use in vineyards and orchards, they needed to detect birds at a distance of 60 metres so that a replica predator hawk could be deployed to frighten the birds. The final design was built into a horn antenna to be mounted on poles above the orchard / vineyard.

Some years later a new Module was added to the range (as pictured on the home page). It included the movement detector and a user programmable microcomputer chip which allowed the customer to program it to be any product they desired, a burglar alarm , a possum scarer , a car alarm , a smart warning sign , a smart switch , a vehicle speed detector, a military device etc.